De Klumpu Bali Eco Tradi Stay


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Spa - Ready to pamper you

From hot stones treatment to traditional massage our trained personnel will deliver instant improvement and lasting well being. Foot massage, essence and salts bath and more… we are ready to pamper you.

Waterfall trekking - Refreshing

Our local guide will lead the walk through the inner side of the village, witnessing the daily activities of the villagers. Continue to reach the Tangkup waterfall, passing by the rice fields, the coffee plantations, down through the path and across the bamboo bridge.

Wedding blessing - Details of Bali charm

Upon your arrival on the midday at Undisan Village, you will be warmly welcomed by your local host at d’Umah Bali. Umah is a Balinese word meaning “home”. Afterward, you will get the Balinese treatment Lulur, a body scrub with herbs and spices traditionally performed before wedding ceremony.

Yoga - Body and spirit ancient balance

At our De Klumpu yoga pavilion, in the middle of the rice fields, you can enjoy one hour of Yoga exercise. This class is excellent for beginners and provides an interesting approach for the experienced practitioner.

De Klumpu Bali embraces 1,5 hectars of land, among the rice field will let you experience the tranquility retreat, luxury of Bali natural resources through the exquisitness of cuisine amenities and breathtaking scenery.

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