Waterfall trekking - Refreshing

Trekking to Tangkup Waterfall

Our local guide will lead the walk through the inner side of the village, witnessing the daily activities of the villagers. Continue to reach the Tangkup waterfall, passing by the rice fields, the coffee plantations, down through the path and across the bamboo bridge. And then you will find the waterfall. The jump height is about 25 meters.

Flanked by towering cliffs, it will definitely be a scenic, exotic and unique waterfall experience.

Trekking to Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Our village guide will drive you to Banjar Penida in Undisan village. When you arrive you will find the cemetery and Pura Dalem, the temple of God Shiva. Continuing to reach the Tukad Cepung waterfall, we will pass the irrigation system, some plantations such as coconuts, cocoa, then down along the path and across the bamboo bridge. Once there, we will walk in between the canyons. Here the colors of the moss make Tukad Cepung famous with the name of “Rainbow Canyon”. The water here fall from an height of 15 meters. Please Note: Women having their period are not allowed to the waterfall as there are some spot which are sacred area. You are advised to bring a change of clothes and wear the sport shoes rather than slippers


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