Wedding blessing - Details of Bali charm

Upon your arrival on the midday at Undisan Village, you will be warmly welcomed by your local host at d’Umah Bali. Umah is a Balinese word meaning “home”. Afterward, you will get the Balinese treatment Lulur, a body scrub with herbs and spices traditionally performed before wedding ceremony. The experience continues with “Mandus ke Tukad” the traditional way to wash, still practiced today by some Balinese, by going to the river and making sure to get clean using this ancient natural way. When back to the house, the experience will continue with Mepayas make up, hair dressing and dress up to make you looks gorgeous with Balinese traditional attire for your wedding procession. Then we will do Natab, a blessing ceremony for the bride and the groom which will lead by an Hindu’s Priest. Then bride and groom will enjoy a Rajalaya Dinner with Balinese menu accompanied by the traditional “Rindik” instrumental music.


De Klumpu Bali embraces 1,5 hectars of land, among the rice field will let you experience the tranquility retreat, luxury of Bali natural resources through the exquisitness of cuisine amenities and breathtaking scenery.

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